Do You Know the Operation Steps of The Electric Pipette?

The working principle of the electric pipette is to drive the spring to expand and contract this year through the current, thereby moving the piston up and down to discharge or suck liquid. The big advantage of the electric motor is that it has high repeatability and high accuracy. It can automatically remove liquid according to the setting to save manpower and is suitable for laboratories with frequent pipetting times.

The universal tip shaft design of electric pipettes is compatible with tips from many manufacturers. The lower part of the pipette can be easily removed for autoclaving. Each pipette is independently tested and certified for quality. In addition, each pipette contains a pipette holder, lithium battery, and charger. There is also an optional charger that can be removed and charged independently.

The balance of the electric pipette and low finger operation can effectively reduce fatigue. The size and position of the keys are also ergonomic, helping you achieve easy pipetting. By turning the option dial, you can select various operation functions, which are simple and intuitive. The innovative rocker button design follows the principle of “press upwards to move upwards and press downwards to move downwards”. Pressing the rocker can realize the corresponding movement of the piston, which is simpler than manual pipette operation.

The electric pipette is designed with ergonomics and can rotate 360 degrees, suitable for left and right-hand operation; the piston is driven by an electric motor, which guarantees consistent pipetting results for each operation/channel; when the pipette power is insufficient, you can Able to operate while charging; In addition, the optimized nozzle design can adapt to a variety of general-purpose nozzles and easy to remove.


Electric pipette operation steps

1. First wipe a small amount of 75% alcohol with a wipe paper to wipe the surface of the electric large-capacity pipette;
2. Select a suitable size pipette, open the package from the top, and only touch the part above the tick mark with your hand;
3. Insert the pipette into the electric cone pipe fitting of the large-capacity pipette correctly, and then remove the remaining pipette packaging;
4. Open the lid of the container to be transferred, keep the pipette vertically inserted under the liquid surface, and press the suction button to aspirate the liquid;
5. Measure the volume of liquid to be transferred with the scale line on the pipette tube wall;
6. After the aspiration is completed, release the aspiration button, wipe the pipette on the inner wall of the test tube, and then lift the pipette out of the container;
7. Hold the pipette vertically and stick the pipette to the inner wall of the container, press the drain button, and release the liquid carefully;
8. After the liquid transfer is completed, remove the pipette correctly and handle it properly.

The electric pipette has a clear function key operation panel, an easy-to-understand display, and an integrated design. This is the original goal of our product design: to develop an ergonomically designed pipette that is suitable for all laboratories. A variety of different pipetting, dispensing, reverse pipetting and dilution techniques make experimental operations easier.