Cleaning Instruction And Calibration Of Pipette

To ensure higher accuracy and better repeatability of the pipette, it is very essential to periodically perform the maintenance procedure. The pipette should be regularly maintained based on the use frequency, but at least once every 3 months. It must be operated by trained personnel.

Cleaning Instruction

The pipette could be cleaned by being separated into two parts. The outer wall of the pipette should be cleaned regularly with 95% alcohol or 60% isopropanol. Next, wipe it with distilled water and dry naturally. Its internal cleaning requires disassembly of the pipette’s lower part, where it could be cleaned with soapy water, detergent or 60% isopropanol at first.

And then rinse it with double distilled water and make it dry. Finally, the surface of the piston is better to be coated with a thin layer of lubricious silicone by using a cotton swab. For the long-term maintenance, the internal part of the pipette needs to be better cleaned.

After the cleaning procedure, the pipette needs to be calibrated. Its calibration must be performed at room temperature (25 +/- 2℃). Moreover, the air bubbles should be removed from the pipette head. And then the operator could select the scale that needs to calibrate. Remember to conduct all the next procedures under the international calibration standard.

Standard 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Standard Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes