Brief Introduction Of Hawach Pipettes Products

Fixed and adjustable volume pipettes are widely used to transport a small measured volume of liquid in the lab, often used as a media dispenser. You can find Hawach products from single and multi-channel pipettes to more complex adjustable pipettes. Designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision, Hawach provides electronic and mechanical pipettes.

The right pipette tip is key for proceeding the accurate and reliable results. Divided into advanced pipette tips, standard pipettes, and advanced filter pipette tips, Hawach pipette tips are designed for multiple applications. With volume ranges from 10ul to 10ml, Hawach pipette tips are flexible and soft tip cone that ensures better sealing without leaking. And you can always get the best recovery of the sample liquid.

Hawach has two different kinds of pipettes stand, linear stand and round stand. Both of them can hold up 6 pipettes. The stand can keep the pipettes away from contamination after use. It also can help you to make your lab neat and in the right order.