Basic Introduction On Pipette

Pipette provided by Hawach Scientific includes electronic pipette and mechanical pipette, and the mechanical pipette is divided into single-channel and multi-channel pipettes, adjustable and fixed pipettes. The mechanical pipette is of improved performance in Light weight, low resistance seal, and lighter operation force.

The head of the multi-channel pipette can rotate 360 degrees, which is convenient to move the liquid. Each nozzle even has a separate piston device, which is convenient for repair and maintenance. Nozzle ejector can push out multiple suction nozzles at the same time, which is efficient and labor-saving.

Performance of Pipette

Hawach pipettes are all passed the performance test and gained relative test certificate, there is no potential risk in its quality and operation. The upper and lower ends of the pipette can be detached and the lower end can be disinfected at high temperature and high pressure. Besides, it designs a safe lock with capacity regulating knob, which can avoid the change of the volume in the liquid transfer process.

Compared with mechanical pipette, the electronic pipette has easier operation, and adjustable drainage speed and aspiration speed. Besides, electronic brake and piston control system can ensure accurate liquid transfer results, and provide fast capacity setting and menu navigation.

Standard 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Standard Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Compared with conventional pipette, Hawach Scientific pipette provides with consistent high throughput performance, fast loading, ergonomic handling and absolute precision. Designed for use with either hand, the carefully shaped finger-hook enables you to reduce fatigue with options in auto-mix or auto-dispense.

The automatic settings make it easy to configure and run protocols. In case of dispensing liquids across multiple channels, consistent volume and identical speed will follow. What’s more, work records, cycles and status data are completely tamper proof, no worry in information leakage.

Diverse Specifications of Pipette

Hawach scientific endeavors to produce pipette with complete specifications and categories, which is not only available in single channel, 8/12 channels adjustable/fixed pipette, but also available in electronic pipette and mechanical pipettes. Matched accessories such as pipette stand and pipette tips are also for sale.

Novel materials are adopted in production of pipette, which makes the whole pipette can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure. A unique single –level structure brings great convenience to handlers. The safety lock with the capacity adjusting knob is designed to avoid the change of the volume in liquid-moving process.

Advanced Half Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Electronic Control Digital Pipette Epipette

Highlights of Pipette

The upper and lower ends of the pipette are detachable and easy to clean, and the slender lower end of the pipette is designed to accurately remove liquid. The multi-channel adjustable pipette includes eight-channel and twelve-channel. The cutting-edge rubber ring can effectively ensure good sealing performance.

Besides, a sandwich ceramic piston is of better wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. And suitable pipette stand and tip can be selected according to the purpose and size of purchased pipette. Above properties make it suitable for various applications such as protein assays, molecular biology, and biochemistry and so on.

Improvements of Pipette

Pipette designed by Hawach are controlled by the onboard micro-processor, which ensures all piston movements within set distance are at the set speed, regardless of human factors. The advanced stepper motor provides highly precise liquid measurement. Derives from improvements of conventional pipette, Hawach pipette designs exceptionally easy multi-channel tip mounting, which brings absolutely consistent liquid removing across all channels.

Moreover, Hawach’ pipette simplifies repeat dispensing process, only need click the joystick once and repeat dispensing process across a plate. Special modes streamline operation steps, and enjoy faster throughput.