Adjustment Of Pipettes Range

Pipettes are often used to remove a small amount of liquid in the laboratory. Micropipette first appeared in 1956, invented by Schnitger who is a scientist of the Institute of physiology and chemistry, Germany.

Pipettes of different specifications are equipped with different sizes of pipette tips. Shapes of different manufacturers are slightly different, but the working principle and operation method are basically the same.

Pipettes are a kind of precision instrument, when use and storage, should be careful to prevent damage and avoid affecting its range.

Adjustment of pipette range

When you adjust the range, if you want to adjust the volume from high to low , Press the normal adjustment method and turn the knob clockwise. But if you want to turn the volume from low to high, you can turn the dial counterclockwise, put the dial out of range, and then turn it back to the set volume, and the highest accuracy of measurement can be guaranteed

. In this process, do not turn the button out of the range, or it will block the internal mechanical device, damage the pipette.

After using it , pipettes can be hung vertically on the straw rack, but be careful not to fall off.