Accessories and Consumables of Pipettes

In the introduction of liquid transfer devices last time, we introduced the basic concept, application scope and storage method of the bottle-top dispenser and liquid transfer Pipettes. Today we briefly introduced the accessories and consumables often involved in these liquid transfer devices. If the auxiliary consumables need to be replaced when the liquid transfer operation is carried out, it can be selected and purchased according to the specific needs.

Holder of Pipettes

The pipette holder is the device used to hang the pipette on it. As shown in the picture 1above, we have two shelves in total: straight pipette holders and round one. Both types of pipette holders can be hung in six pipettes.

Round Stand for Pipettes Linear Stand for Pipettes

Fig.1 Straight and round of pipette holders

Tip of Pipettes

The appearance of the pipette tip is shown as Fig.2 above. The colors of pipette tips with different ranges are different. Some pipette tips have filter elements. The main purpose of the filter element is to prevent sample contamination of the pipette.


Fig.2 The appearance of the pipette tips

The pipette tip is made of pp material, and there are three categories: Advanced Pipette Tips, Standard Pipette Tips and Advanced Filter Pipette tips.