Using Pipette Transferring A Few Ul Of Valuable Reagents

A tip dispensing method: not suitable for volatile, toxic reagents.

(1) Adjust the knob to the desired scale position, insert the tip, press the finger to the first section, and the tip of the tip contacts the reagent. Slow suction, after removing the liquid level, slowly press the first stage and press firmly to the second stage to press the reagent out.

(2) Finger pressure to the first segment, tip contact reagent, slowly sucks out the liquid.

(3) In the target container liquid, press the reagent to the second stage, pay attention to the same force as A, and also pay attention to the reagents do not splash around.

(4)Slowly return to the first segment and repeat the above operation.

Method for transferring a few ul of valuable reagents:

(1) With the above (1)-(4), after removing the liquid surface, lightly press the inner wall of the container a few times to allow the outer wall liquid to flow down. The white pipette tip goes below the liquid level of 1 mm, which is the most important.

(2) The pipette tip is immersed under the liquid level of the target container and slowly pressed to the first stage.

(3) Loosen, return to the first stage, re-inhale the liquid, repeat 4-5 times, and wash the liquid inside the tip.

(4)Move the tip of the pipette out of the liquid surface and gently lean against the inner wall to press out the liquid to the second stage.