The Operation Steps Of Pipette

In the research of analysis and testing, the pipette is usually used to take a small amount or a small amount of liquid. For the proper use of the pipette and some details of its operation, many people will ignore, in several aspects described in detail.

Adjustment of range

When adjusting the range, if you want to adjust from a large volume to a small volume, according to the normal adjustment method, clockwise rotation of the knob can be done. However, if you want to adjust from a small volume to a large volume, you can rotate the scale knob counter-clockwise to the scale beyond the range, and then back to the set volume, so as to ensure the highest accuracy of the measurement.

In this process, do not screw the button out of the range, otherwise, it will jam the internal mechanical device and damage the pipette tip.
After use, you can hang it vertically on the pipette rack, but be careful not to fall off. When there is liquid in the piston tip of the pipette, do not put the pipette horizontally or inverted, so as to avoid the liquid backflow corroding the piston spring.