The Maintenance of Pipette

1. If the liquid accidentally enters the piston chamber, the pollutants should be removed in time.
2. After the use of the pipette, adjust the range of the pipette to the maximum, and place the pipette vertically on the pipette rack.
3. According to the frequency of use, all pipettes should be washed regularly with soapy water or disinfected with 60% isopropanol, then washed with double steaming water and dried.
4. Avoid putting it at a higher temperature to prevent leakage or inaccuracy caused by deformation.
5. Find out the problems and find professional personnel to deal with them in time.
6. Do not place the pipette horizontally or upside down when there is liquid in the suction nozzle of the pipette to prevent the liquid from flowing into the piston chamber to corrode the piston of the pipette.
7. Use the pipette correctly to absorb and drain liquid, so as to achieve high accuracy.
8. Stop 1-3 seconds in the liquid after suction to observe whether the liquid level in the suction head drops. If the liquid level drops, first check whether the suction head has any problems, and if the situation is serious, seek professional maintenance personnel to repair it.