Precautions for Using a Pipette

Pipettes are routine tools in the laboratory. During the daily use, some methods and precautions have not attracted the attention of users. Hawach combines the experience accumulated in practice over the years and summarizes them for discussion.

1. Set the pipetting volume

Adjusting from a large range to a small range is a normal adjustment method. When the scale is rotated counterclockwise, it can be adjusted from a small range to a large range. It should be adjusted to exceed the set volume scale and then adjusted back to the set volume. This will ensure the degree of the pipettes.

2. Assembly tip

Insert the pipettes vertically into the tip, rotate it a half turn to the left and right, and tighten it. It is highly undesirable to use a pipette to strike the tip. This long-term operation causes the pipette parts to loosen due to impact, which can cause the knob of the adjustment scale to become stuck.

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