Misuse of Pipettes, How Much Damage?

Some customers will react to their own PCR experiments. During the experiment, a large amount of long-term pipetting work has caused a great burden on their hands and caused certain damage! In fact, this situation is not uncommon, but everyone has not noticed it.

As early as the end of the last century, researchers investigated the pipette-related ergonomics and analyzed the use of pipettes between the upper limbs (hand, elbow, thumb, shoulder) and neck disease and relationship.

The results of the study showed that the proportion of hand and elbow pain in the use of pipettes was higher than that of people who did not use pipettes.

Moreover, the time of using the pipette has a greater impact on upper limb disease, and the proportion of hand pain in a person who uses the pipette for a longer period of time is higher than that of those who use the pipette for a short time. The time of the liquid device increases, and the proportion of hand pain increases! Unexpectedly, when the pipette was used continuously for more than 60 minutes, the proportion of hand pain was almost 90%!

It can be seen that the use of pipettes does have a certain impact on our health. Therefore, we must not ignore it. In the process of using the pipette, the repeated damage caused by the thumb, fingers, and wrists, the damage caused by muscle, nerve and tendon pain caused by long-term repetitive movement and overuse is called repetition. Repetitive strain injury (RSI), or repetitive strain, muscle damage, repetitive movements. Pipetting has been identified as a source of aggravation of upper extremity pain symptoms, especially in the case of more than 300 hours of pipetting per year.