Matters Needing Attention when Using Hawach Pipette

The correct placement of the Hawach pipette-use it, you can hang it vertically on the pipette holder, but be careful not to fall off. When there is liquid on the top of the pipette, do not place the pipette horizontally or upside down to avoid liquid reflux corrosion of the piston spring.

Hawach pipette maintenance:
1. If not in use, adjust the pipette range to the maximum, leaving the spring in a relaxed state to protect the spring
2. Cleaning the pipette regularly. It can be washed with soapy water or 60% isopropanol, distilled water, and dried naturally.
3. Before high-temperature sterilization, make sure the pipette can adapt to high temperatures.
4. Calibration allows repeated weighing of distilled water at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

5. Check if there is any leakage during use. The method is to take the liquid and then hang it vertically for a few seconds to see if the liquid level drops. If there has leakage, the reasons are as follows:
(1) Whether the pipette heads match;
(2) Whether the spring piston is normal;
(3) If it is a volatile liquid (like many organic solvents), it may be a matter of vapor pressure .You can suck the liquid several times through a pipette.