Hawach Pipette Tips

Hawach pipette tips are in accordance with EN ISO 8655 international standards. Make sure the tip and the pipette are tightly sealed to reduce the force used to load and unload the tip. The ideal wettability, high transparency and specific, proven cleanliness levels intuitively interpret our products and production concepts.

1. Optimized nozzle shape design, perfect for Hawach pipettes
2. Hawach pipette tips are versatile and can be adapted to other brands of pipettes
3. Fine-scale for easy and intuitive observation of pipetting volume
4. The slim tip can reach the narrow, deep container bottom without touching the top edge of the container
5. The tapered tip can easily handle a small amount of liquid
6. High quality original pipetting tips, self-sealing bag packaging
7. Clean grade, measuring range 10 μL – 10 mL
8. The tip can be autoclaved at 121 °C

1. Removal of liquid
2. Liquid dispensing
3. liquid mixing
4. Working plate and reaction container loading
5. Gel electrophoresis loading
6. Remove supernatant after extraction