Advanced Fully Autoclave 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes

Hawach pipettes use high-tech materials combined with advanced production processes. The design concept is ergonomic and humanized. It is not only highly accurate, durable, but also suitable for all kinds of experimental operations.

1. The pipette is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and has low operating force to prevent hand repetitive strain (RSI). The front end of the nozzle is flexible, which not only makes it easier to install and remove the tip, but also ensures the airtightness between the tip and the pipette. Especially for multi-channel pipettes, the position of the tips is guaranteed to ensure consistent pipetting.
2. The pipette is made of high-tech material, resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperature. At the same time, it can be autoclaved and UV sterilized. A unique density adjustment function that removes liquids that are inconsistent with water density. Pipettes are also easy to remove and maintain. Multi-channel pipettes can be manually adjusted to meet the hole spacing of different consumables.
3. Using systematic high-tech material, durable, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant
4. It can be autoclaved and UV sterilized for safer operation.
5. Four-digit volume display, reasonable position, easy to observe when pipetting
6. Excellent ergonomic design, light weight, significantly reduced operating force, avoiding repeated hand strain
7. Telescopic elastic nozzle design prevents the nozzle from being installed high and low, ensuring pipetting tightness and uniformity
8. Density adjustment function, suitable for liquids of different densities, more versatile
9. Separate piston design, each channel can be disassembled separately for easy maintenance and cleaning
10. Channel digital identification to ensure pipetting in the same direction.