About The Maintenance Of The Pipette

After use, you can hang it vertically on the pipette holder, and make sure it will not fall off. When there is liquid in the pipette tip, do not place the pipette horizontally or upside down to prevent the liquid from flowing back to corrode the piston spring.

If not used, adjust the range of the pipette to the maximum value to keep the spring in a relaxed state to protect the spring. It is best to clean the pipette regularly, either with soapy water or 60% isopropanol, then with distilled water, and air dry. Before autoclaving, make sure the pipette is suitable for high temperatures.

Calibration can be carried out by repeating the weighing of distilled water several times in a 20-25 degree environment.

Check for leaks before use. If there is liquid leakage, the reasons are as follows:
1. Whether the tip matches
2. Whether the spring piston normal
3. If it is a volatile liquid (as is the case with many organic solvents), it may be a problem of saturated vapor pressure. You can suck up the liquid several times before pipetting.